Auditions at Pinewood Studios!

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Today we were down at Pinewood Studios, hosting our auditions for DARKWAVE: EDGE OF THE STORM! We were based in one of the spacious dressing rooms, which of course prompted a discussion about what famous actors had used the room and looked in this very extravagant mirror!


Watching the actors step into their characters and bring the script to life was brilliant.

In the afternoon, we were given a tour of the studios which was alive with activity from set designers constructing panels and furniture, to builders rigging lighting, to diggers removing sections of land to make way for more buildings. It’s basically a mini city within a city! One of the most impressive sights was the large exterior water tank, set against Europe’s largest Blue Screen and also part of the new James Bond set!! (Who isn’t excited about Spectre?!).

After the tour we had a Production Meeting where director @DarrenScales ran through the script, discussing what location certain parts of the action would take place, and talking about the camera set ups he envisaged.


It came out today that we will be using a DRONE for some of the scenes which everyone is really excited about!


For more photos from today, check out our Instagram!

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