Filming – The Valley Scene

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Dressing the truck

As the army truck drove on site, a moment of silence happened as everyone was thinking the same thing “Wow.”


Once the initial awe had passed (although it never truly did!) it was time to start making it look like a home. The truck is Sarah, David and Ben’s only hope – without it means immobility; vulnerability. Having been on the run from the Ministry for a while, the truck needed to look battered and lived-in. So the crew got to work!

Tents were added to the roof and sandbags were ripped up and positioned on the front of the truck along with three large spot lights.



Poles were fixed to the side and held down with thick rope and then a combination of mud, water and sand helped to achieve a ‘worn’ look.



The Evening Shoot

As we were ahead of schedule and the truck was prepped, we decided to film the Valley Scene tonight as opposed to Saturday which meant…… the drone was making an appearance!!!


cool shot!!

I’ve looked at the play back footage of the drone shots and the high angle shots of the drone gliding above the truck are spectacular! We also got some other interesting angles, including filming from out the back of a truck.


And evening soon turned into night…


We eventually wrapped at 10pm with some very cool shots and a happy director!


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