Lincoln Comic-Con!!

The inaugural Lincoln Comic-Con was a HUGE success; hundreds of Sci-Fi and Fantasy fans both locally and from afar gathered to share and showcase their interests and impressive outfits:

Anne Draper photos

photography, Anne Draper

Sci-Fi authors, independent stalls and merchandise sellers filled the whole building, and among those was THE DRIFT! (The feature film that precedes the Darkwave: Edge of the Storm story.) We arrived early and began setting up our space, which included the impressive model of The Deliverance, pictured below, which gathered lots of interest from professional and fan photographers!



Below, myself and Daz set up and ready to welcome the influx of fans!! A cup of tea shortly followed this photo!

2015-09-20 09.17.51

It was lovely to meet some locals who had already seen and read articles about the film, and (as pictured below) introduce other Sci-Fi fans to the Darkwave Universe.

2015-09-20 13.39.29

The most frequently asked question throughout the day: “So, The Drift was made for only £5,000?… It looks really professional!”  – this is certainly promising, especially as Darkwave: Edge of the Storm was filmed on the Arri AMIRA and Sony F3 camera, a step up cinematically from the DSLRs used on The Drift.

The photo below was taken an hour after the doors opened and the queues were still out of the door!


Overall, the Lincoln Comic-Con was a really successful day. We sold all but two DVDs, and building on previous sales, the money will go to Charity.


10th October, the Leicester Sci-Fi Fest

11th October, the Leicester Comic-Con

Both days are going to be action packed with all things Sci-Fi so if you’re around, make a note in your diary because the Darkwave Universe would love to see you!

PICTURE ANNA DRAPER Caption: KICKER: Picture: Anna Draper You can buy Echo photographs by visiting  or by calling 0844 4060910. Picture: Anna Draper Contact:  Source:  Postcode: Date:  Keywords:
photography, Anne Draper

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