Pinewood Meeting!!!

It was great to be back at Pinewood again, this time DARKWAVE was among BRIDGET JONES and STAR WARS which were both in production!! Lots of activity, trucks, set pieces and filmmakers about, so it was a buzzing atmosphere!


It was great to catch up with Nick and Al – first time since the shoot! – and we watched the latest edit of Darkwave: Edge of the Storm noting down more scenes we could tighten, and where we can add/remove certain shots. We also discussed pick-ups – there are several shots that are currently just placeholders in the edit, but to strengthen the story, will need to be filmed either at Pinewood, or alternatively in a Lincoln studio which will be decided within the next couple of weeks. There was positive comments about the CGI/VFX which is great news! This is still in development but the guys are working hard and it’s looking good so far.

We were treated to a lovely lunch at the Pinewood bar, and all being film fanatics, most of the conversation revolved around movies – very fitting for the location!


Following the meeting, Daz and I drove into London to reflect on what comes next. The Darkwave Universe (both The Drift and Edge of the Storm) will be at the Leicester Film Festival on the 10th October and more are being planned for 2016. By Christmas, most of the CGI and VFX should be complete which is very exciting!! Also, news about a feature film under the Darkwave franchise is in development…

Sticking with the film theme I feel it’s appropriate that Harry Potter (and not just because I’m a massive fan…) made its way onto the blog!


YES! We arrived by train to London’s Kings Cross and of course we had to visit platform 9 3/4 – Ironically I nearly ran at the wall with excitement! We also had a look in the shop and I admired the over priced £70 jumpers whilst wondering when exactly I’m going to receive my letter from Hogwarts…


Darkwave: Edge of the Storm is closer now than ever before!!

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