The Director

Darren Scales

During his teenage years, Daz developed his love for film by making short sketches and fan films with hisYoung Daz brother Mark and like minded individuals under the name ‘Backyard Productions’. Geriatric Park (based on the successful Jurassic Park movie) was Darren’s first feature length film, shortly followed by Batman Returns Forever, and Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Backyard.

After completing his Master’s Degree, Daz’s focus turned to developing his original script, THE DRIFT, into a full feature length Sci-Fi film – a story very different from his previous parody movies. Set 100 years from now in a chaotic and corrupt universe, the biggest challenge was “creating an original story with that immersive movie look with next to no funding.” Despite being made for just £5000, the trailer alone gathered more than 37,500 views and the film (released in 2014) continues to be a success, with all profits being donated to charity.DRIFT

However, Daz always had bigger plans, “The Drift is a test, a full movie but a test.” which is where his latest project ‘Darkwave: Edge of the Storm’ comes to the fore.

Darkwave: Edge of the Storm is a tense, action packed 20 minute Sci-Fi film and it’s a taster of what’s to come (yes – there’s a feature film to follow and a whole franchise planned!). Above everything else, Darren’s objective was to make this film professional and cinematic. Filming on the Arri AMIRA camera – a step up from the standard DSLRs used for The Drift – helped achieved this aim. The use of a drone and the tracking dolly to add movement to a few of the shots was also a benefit, not to mention the professionalism and dedication of the crew who were fully committed to the production.


“Aim for the stars, work as hard as you can and always be happy with what you get.”

Darkwave: The Story


One hundred years from now, Starlight crystals enable faster than light travel. But a terrible phenomenon called the DARKWAVE inexplicably damages the crystals, leaving millions stranded across the galaxy. Twenty years later and it is a desperate and frightening place ruled by an oppressive authority under martial law.

On a distant planet, a young family is escaping capture in a stolen military truck. David, Sarah and their young son Ben, stumble across a burning outpost. Tired, hungry and risking capture, they are forced to stop and search for supplies, only to discover a live Starlight crystal – too dangerous even to touch. As they search for supplies, a deafening noise of an approaching ship forces them to race back to the truck and escape only to find their Son missing. As the ominous bird shaped fighter hovers over them, The Ministry’s reason for pursuing them is spectacularly revealed.

KASH DW EOTS poster CROP 2015-08-16

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About Me

MoiMy name is Kasia (Kash) and I’m the Production Coordinator for Darkwave: Edge of the Storm. When Daz first asked if I would like to be part of the team, I barely consulted my diary before saying yes! (Luckily the filming dates didn’t clash with anything else!) Having been involved during the very early meetings, discussions and planning sessions I knew this production was going to be special. The 5 day film shoot was intense, but the crew and our actors had one thing in common: they were all fiercely committed and dedicated to making the film the best it could be. I’m very proud to be part of such an exciting project and there’s lots more planned after DarkwaveEOTS… can’t give too much away but make sure you’re following our social media sites to find out the latest news!

Kash x



From an early age, Sarah excelled academically. Unlike her classmates, Sarah saw things differently, a perception shared by few others. She is special, connected to the elements in a way that gave her clarity beyond vision. Following in the footsteps of her father, Sarah was enrolled onto the accelerated Space Technology programme at Ministry’s Space Academy to fulfill her ambition of captaining a starfreighter. There, Sarah was reunited with David, an old school friend from the same district. Friendship turned to something more and soon they became inseparable. However, neither David nor Sarah graduated; the Darkwave destroyed any chance of a normal life.

Many years later, Sarah now married to David, have used their skills to stay alive, to keep one step ahead of starvation, attack and death. Now Sarah is a Mother to their Son, Ben, who has inherited her mysterious ability to see the Galaxy in a way that only a minority do, but Sarah is convinced that Ben is even more special and that the Ministry knows it too. Sarah’s only focus is to keep Ben safe from the Ministry’s grip… whatever the cost.

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Like most boys of his era David grew up fascinated with man’s conquest of the stars, the rapid rate at which we had spread ourselves across the Galaxy in only a matter of decades, all thanks to the discovery of the Starlight Crystals. David soon turned his enthusiasm to technology and computer coding. Fascinated by the speed of computing with faster than light circuitry brought about by the starlight crystals, he devoted much of his spare time building and coding his own contraptions, much to the frustration of his parents and friends who would often not seem him for days at a time. Moving to the Ministry’s Space Academy on New Earth, he quickly progressed capturing the attention of several notable Ministry scientists.

David also met Sarah; for him, he thought for the first time, but soon remembered pulling her hair at junior school. Soon David fell for her and suddenly the world of tech did not seem so interesting. David began to lose his interest, instead spending all his time with Sarah. But his rapidly decreasing grades meant very little as the Darkwave struck, destroying all the Starlight crystals and connected technology in a flash, including his old home district, killing both his parents.

Escaping the panic and destruction, Sarah and David headed away from the decimated populated areas. It was now that David’s skills came to the fore; piecing together broken computers, and machinery to make workable survivable solutions. Throughout the darkest of times, it was David that kept them both alive. Now a father to Ben and on the run as a fugitive, David remains more focused than ever, applying his skills, collecting data about the Darkwave, the Ministry and its military wing the Armada, trying to keep one step ahead.

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Born many years after the Darkwave struck, Ben knows only this world. A world where his parents struggle so hard simply to stay alive. To Ben, the world is normal, it’s all he knows. Ben is a happy child, content to move from one place to the next. Now living in a stolen Ministry patrol truck, Ben happily resides in the back while his parents continuously watch the skies, hills and valleys for the next attack or ambush. It is Ben the Ministry want, like his Mother, Ben is “special” but even more so. Perhaps it was the relative quiet of the post-Darkwave New Earth that has allowed Ben to develop more than Sarah could, or could it be something else? Whatever the reason, the Ministry is determined to find Ben and others like him. Why? remains the unanswered question, but given the tyrannical rule under the guise of Martial Law imposed after the Darkwave, one can be sure that the Ministry’s plans are not for the good of the people or Ben…

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